You can pay with cryptocurrencies on Google Play now

What needs to happen for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Co. to play a bigger role in our daily lives? – A potential answer to this is the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies. There are already various solutions for this, such as debit credit cards, which can be loaded with cryptocurrencies. Coinbase now goes one step further with its own Coinbase Card and announces the integration with Google Pay.


Coinbase Card and Google Pay = digital payment

In the current times there are again many “experts” who are calling for the end of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there is of course the group that continues to believe in the value proposition of Bitcoin and Co. Again and again the thesis comes up that cryptocurrencies have to be more integrated into everyday life. In addition to the role of store of value (this does not apply to everyone, of course), cryptocurrencies should also become a medium of exchange. Let’s take a look at what the ‘cooperation’ between Coinbase and Google Pay contributes to:Yesterday, Tuesday, Coinbase announced that their Coinbase Card is now compatible with Google Pay. As a reminder:

the Coinbase Card is a credit card (Visa) that can be loaded with cryptocurrencies. So it’s a classic debit card. As soon as there is credit on the Coinbase Card, it can be used to pay at all Visa acceptance points.