Which blockchain fight Corona the best?

The recipe on the blockchain

Many people avoid going to the family doctor for fear of infection with the new coronavirus. Digital solutions could replace at least part of the doctor’s visits. So far, however, the Ministry of Health has been looking for uniform standards, for example for the display or renewal of prescriptions digitally. Ensuring data protection is of central importance when searching for the e-recipe standard.


Spherity with a decentralized approach

In contrast, the approach of the blockchain company Spherity is decentralized, which wants to banish the paper recipe into the trash. The system is supposed to be blockchain-agnostic and provides for the introduction of three different digital identities: As an “issuer” (publisher), doctors put their digital signature under an e-prescription that the patient (“certificate holder”) receives from the pharmacy ( Have “Verifier” redeemed. The little data that lands on Spherity’s DLT is used, for example, to create a cancellation register for e-recipes.Spherity, which according to its own information already has partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry and is in discussion with the operator of a “large online pharmacy”, is now looking for cooperation partners from the fields of health insurance and doctor software for a field test.