US University verifies graduation using blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has many uses. Be it in supply chain management, for DeFi (decentralized finance) or in healthcare. A particularly exciting aspect is the possibility of using a wallet to confirm the authenticity of a document or message. A university in the USA is now taking advantage of this.


Certificate is verified with Bitcoin blockchain

A few days ago, reddit user @wandererli proudly reports that he has completed the “Masters of Business Administration” course. But the former student received the certificate not only in paper form. Because the US university gives its graduates the opportunity to verify the diploma using blockchain technology.The certificate was verified using the Bitcoin blockchain. As can be seen in the picture above left, the certificate is “a validated Bitcoin certificate”. This is made possible by working with Blockcerts, a company that specializes in the issuance and verification of academic certificates and certificates – using blockchain technology.

The prerequisite for this verification is the possession of an official Bitcoin wallet, which only the university can access. All transactions and activities in this wallet come from the university. In order to verify the authenticity of the reddit user’s certificate, an MIT wallet transaction was carried out accordingly. Of course, the graduate also received the document in paper form – but the blockchain guarantees that this is the real certificate and, unlike the document on paper, is proof that it cannot be tampered with.