That’s why you have to own gold – 5 simple reasons

If you own gold, you can sleep well. Gold is the universal store of value. It can be exchanged for any currency and even big values can be easily transported.

Credit risk

Our paper money is covered by nothing but debt and the confidence that these debts will eventually be settled. If a debtor fails (corporate or bank failure, national bankruptcy), then the money is usually lost. Who parks all his assets in this money system (also on the stock exchange), is permanently exposed to appropriate risks.


Since the abandonment of the gold standard in the early 1970s, central banks have been printing unlimited amounts of money that governments need to wage wars, implement expensive election promises, subsidize “dead” industries, maintain welfare benefits, and rescue banks and states. This will sooner or later lead to massive inflation. And then real assets such as gold and silver are in great demand and indispensable as asset protection.

Debt crisis

Our debt-based paper money system can not be sustained indefinitely. Even if interest rates and official inflation are currently low, the compounding effect and the steady increase in private and public debt will eventually lead to the collapse of our monetary system. Our parents and grandparents know what currency cutting and monetary reform mean for financial wealth. With gold you save your assets in the currency or system transition.

Monetary policy

With their current zero interest rate policy, central banks are promoting a creeping expropriation of savers. Anyone who keeps money on their account loses assets every day due to the negative real interest rate. First banks are already charging fees on cash deposits. So you have to save your fortune in another way if you want to secure your wealth. Gold and silver are included.


The gold value of 10,000 euros fits in a matchbox. In a serious crisis or emergency, it is easy to pack up large assets and to move with the gold stocks.