Safe, convenient and mobile: the iOS app for

Since this week there is an iOS app for Customers who also use the express trade, can thus conveniently trade on the move. A course alarm clock also informs about good trading opportunities.

Sometimes it happens that the usual computer is far away, but you want to act fast on For example, if you’re on the train and you want to make some quick profits or buy back at prices that have become spontaneously cheap. So far this has usually meant that one logs in with the smartphone via the browser, which can be quite complex to impossible, depending on the 2-factor method.

This changes now with the release of the app for iOS. The specially optimized for iOS app serves on one side of the information: It shows all trades and offers; With the course clock, you can even be notified when a certain price has been exceeded or exceeded. This saves the apps from permanently logging in to, without them having to worry about dropping good trading opportunities.

However, the app only shows its full potential when a customer has a bank account with Fidor Bank. Then he can namely trade directly by express trade through the app. With that, your chances of making good purchases or sales no longer depend on having access to the right device.

For security reasons, you must first confirm the app in your account and connect it to the iPhone. This connection exists only for a single terminal. Therefore, if you change the device, you must also reconnect the app to your account. For this first connection an authorization with the set 2-factor method is necessary.

After that, you can use the app without 2-factor authentication. This makes it much more convenient to use the marketplace without compromising security. Because unlike the login through the browser, an API key is required to log in, and this is located exclusively on the iPhone. A query of an individually defined PIN or, if set up, the Touch ID with each new call ensures that the account remains secure even after a theft of the iPhone. Nevertheless, recommends to withdraw the API key in this case via the menu item “ App”.

Customers who do not use an iOS device can not currently use via app. But it is already working on an app for Android, even if no release date is set.