Manchester City: When soccer meets Blockchain Gaming

The English soccer club Manchester City relies on a blockchain company to strengthen contact with the fans. The team is not the only one that connects blockchain and soccer.

Storing gates on the Blockchain irretrievably and thus producing an immense, unchangeable data mountain would probably make less sense. Soccer and Blockchain can still be unified – through a partnership between a soccer club and a blockchain company.

This is currently showing Premier League Champion Manchester City. Because the English soccer club is according to a press release a partnership with the South Korean company Superbloke a. The blockchain-based game developer focuses on the application of Virtual Reality.

Manchester City cooperates with Superbloke

Accordingly, Manchester City will be part of Superbloke’s Online Games FC Superstar. Users can have players tokens and put together their own virtual soccer teams. The player statistics should have a connection to the analog world. For as the press release continues to take, Superbloke regularly compares the virtual player data with the real players.

Digital Panini booklet

The use of blockchain technology gives Manchester City fans the opportunity to undoubtedly attribute digital merchandise to their ownership. In principle, companies create blockchain-based, digital panini booklets. According to the announcement, Manchester City plans to fundamentally change the sport sector with its blockchain application. Similar Blockchain soccer connections already exist between Real Madrid, Arsenal London, Borussia Dortmund and technology start-up Fantastec. In addition, cooperates with the soccer clubs Juventus Turin, Paris Saint Germain, West Ham United and AS Roma.

Blockchain and soccer – a dream team?

Even individual soccer players have discovered the token world in the past. For example, the Brazilian Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, Ronaldinho for short, launched the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin last year. With this, the soccer planned to push into the world of e-sports. Together with the start-up “World Soccer Coin” he worked on the issue of a total of 350 million tokens.

Whether the Ronaldinho project was successful, so far can not be answered. According to current information, the token sale was discontinued for the time being. A listing on relevant exchanges did not take place so far.