Harald Seiz: New book “Think Big” in focus

Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz has already a good reputation as the founder and managing director of Karatbars International GmbH. Like the reach of his company, his fame also extends beyond the borders of the country into the world. With “Think Big”, he has created another milestone and published a book that reports on his path to success and encourages people to realize their own dreams. Like the example of Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz shows, success is not innate and has no connection with the financial background in the parental home, with monetary advantages or a carefree and promoted childhood. Anyone can make it, if he is only willing to enforce his own will and to accept setbacks. This is the motto of Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz himself and, as you can see today, he has made his vision a lifelong dream and established himself in the financial sector.

Anyone who thinks hard about his future is predestined to take his future in his own hands. Dr. Seiz also faced many difficulties, challenges and seemingly insurmountable barriers. But every setback has made him stronger and every difficulty has motivated him to be even more energetic, consistent and goal-oriented.

On the road to success – how an idea becomes an empire

The fact is that the courage to change and the focus on one’s own ideas of life are important. Without the conviction of one’s own idea, its implementation would be doomed to failure. In most cases, however, it is not the idea developer himself who is responsible, but his or her environment that dispels doubt and fuels unfounded fears of risk. In “Think Big” the author Harald Seiz explains in detail what impassability he has overcome and how many challenges he has mastered. In the beginning there was the idea of achieving something great and turning the financial system upside down. He has achieved this with Karatbars International GmbH, as the millions in sales show every year. He also founded his own bank and the company also has its own gold mine. Actually, one could think that Dr. Seiz would now sit back and enjoy the worldwide success. But that is a fallacy, because the entrepreneur and author has further visions, which he would like to let become likewise reality. Just like Dr. Seiz, every person can realize his ideas and have the courage to take his happiness and success into his own hands. The less one lets oneself be impressed and influenced from the outside, the greater are the chances. With this experience Seiz tells nothing new and yet he emphasizes the words, because he was warned of the risks and his idea was dismissed as a utopian, unrealistic dream. If he had listened to the doubting and warning voices, he wouldn’t be where he is today. It was on this occasion alone that Harald Seiz decided to put his experiences into a book and to encourage the inclined reader to realize his life’s dreams.

Many paths lead to success … you only have to walk them yourself

Some successful entrepreneurs are of the firm opinion that there is only one – the predetermined path to success. But the reality is more diverse and includes a large network of nested and at first glance hardly recognizable because of it. Prudence, the willingness to experiment and self-confidence are the four stable pillars on which the roof of success is supported. Those who finally want to act and no longer dream can find impressions and impulses in the book “Think Big” by Dr. Seiz that motivate to an immediate and direct start.