Gold stocks on the rise worldwide

Gold prices in yesterday’s New York trading rose from $ 1,652 to $ 1,672 / oz. Gold trading in Shanghai and Hong Kong continues to rise this morning, and is currently trading at $ 1,677 / oz, $ 38 / oz above the previous day. Gold mining stocks are increasing worldwide. Greek coast guard shoots refugees. Greece suspends asylum law and thus violates international law. Greek authorities sentence more than a dozen migrants who have successfully entered the country.


German Party comments on greek situation

German parties CDU and SPD reject the admission of particularly vulnerable refugees (children, pregnant women and traumatized) from the Greek islands. The SPD parliamentary group leader Eva Högel: This does not help in the current situation. Since the EU do-good politicians do not want to lose their posts, selfies with the Chancellor and refugee wellbeing buttons are currently less popular in the Bundestag and they are now even pursuing a policy that goes far beyond what they consider AfD politicians inhumane at the end of 2015 have assumed that, in addition to securing the external borders, the suspension of asylum law contrary to international law. In addition, this happens at the expense of the refugees they invite, who are shot at despite a special emergency, have to endure in completely overcrowded camps as a deterrent, or are locked up in prisons.