Cryptocurrency Zilliqa (ZIL) Staking at Binance with high demand

Zilliqa is a top 50 project and with the so-called staking investors offers the opportunity to generate a passive income by holding the cryptocurrency. After staking has been available on the KuCoin exchange since June 18, one of the largest exchanges worldwide will soon follow, and the team expects the function to be very crowded.


Staking with lock-up period to ensure interest

Savings books and other investment methods of the large banks are losing interest due to falling interest rates. That is why investors are looking for alternative methods to increase their money. Staking its cryptocurrencies is a popular option in the crypto market. People who hold certain cryptocurrencies in their wallet are rewarded with tokens for holding them. By holding the proof-of-stake based assets, they contribute to the functionality and stability of the network. One of the cryptocurrencies that offers such rewards is the 44th largest cryptocurrency in the world, Zilliqa. In order to simplify the process for investors, crypto exchanges today also offer the staking rewards to investors through the cooperation with the crypto projects. After the function has been available on the KuCoin exchange since June 18, the famous Bitcoin exchange Binance is now also following.