CryptoBase Liquid hosts public telegram ICO

The cryptocurrency exchange Liquid wants to be the first exchange to host the token of the encrypted messaging app Telegram called Gram, if it is offered publicly, as confirmed by a press release on June 11th.

The Telegram app, which has not made an official statement on this move, attracted international attention last year when it held a private initial coin offering (ICO) for Gram. The ICO raised the equivalent of 1.5 billion euros for the Telegram Open Network (TON) project.

It was not expected that a public phase would follow, but Gram Asia, the largest organization of Gram owners, will now offer an unknown amount of these and then hold a full sale in October.

“We also have a vision to create a safer and more open value-transfer system to enable widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies,” said Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori in the press release. He added:

“TON’s blockchain infrastructure can help improve telegram as a peer-to-peer value network, and Telegram is particularly able to improve that with the introduction of its crypto-currency light wallets for the very active Telegram users.”

The terms and conditions for this public first sale are strict. One country is excluded for regulatory reasons. You will not be able to act with Gram either, but you want to keep him in USDC, the Stablecoin, until October.

Two weeks ago, Telegram released a Testnet version of the TON client. The latter has undergone an extensive development process and is due to come onto the market in the third quarter.