Bitcoin SV overtaken by Troll Minern

Bitcoin sign with glowing explosion effect An unknown mining pool has taken over the majority of the hash power of the Bitcoin SV network. As if the BSV did not already have enough problems, an “Emergency Fork” could now also take place. However, the price has remained surprisingly stable so far and has benefited from a generally positive price movement in the market over the past 24 hours.


Crypto News: Bitcoin SV acquired by Troll Minern

The troll miners who took over the Bitcoin SV network appeared yesterday. The hash power has jumped to 1535 PH / s in the last 24 hours, after having previously shown only 675 PH / s in the previous nine days. This allows the anonymous mining pool to rewrite the blockchain, which attacks the entire platform.In theory, it is of course also possible that the BSV network was suddenly accepted by honest miners who are now committed to the project. However, this should be very unlikely, considering the legal problems that the BSV currently has.In any case, the entire ecosystem is facing an interesting development, which should have a massive impact on the course in the coming days.