Bitcoin SV Halving: can the Bitcoin competitor continue to grow?

While Bitcoin Cash is struggling with a miner exodus after the halving, tomorrow Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is all about it.While Bitcoin (BTC) is already looking forward to its third halving in May, its spin-offs Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) are currently breaking new ground: On April 8, Bitcoin Cash saw the first halving of the BCH produced per block , tomorrow, April 10th, the Bitcoin SV Halving is coming up.

However, the transactions go largely to the account of the weather app WeatherSV, which stores weather data on the BSV. The emphasis is on data: Few of the hundreds of thousands of BSV transactions a day involve the transfer of monetary values. Which is also in the sense of the (undisputed) inventor. With its Metanet, BSV also wants to provide a decentralized data infrastructure.


Bitcoin SV Halving: does BSV face the same fate as BCH?

At the same time, BSV – based on the motto: there can only be one – also wants to establish itself as a digital store of value and, in the long term, knock BTC off the socket as digital gold. However, the BSV ecosystem would still have to grow massively. In addition to users, it is above all the favor of the miners that Bitcoin Satoshi Vision has to win over. The upcoming halving is a test for BSV.The BSV Halving is threatened by the same scenario that is currently emerging with Bitcoin Cash. Miners turn off their devices or use them to “mine” BTC instead. The hash rate drops, with corresponding consequences for network security.