A blockchain for fair produced rubber

Goodyear, the world’s largest tire manufacturer, plans to use blockchain to make the rubber supply chain more transparent. The project fits well with the responsibility that the company would like to assume for the sustainable and fair cultivation of natural rubber. Technically, only very thin information is available so far.Science Application International Corp (SAIC) has announced a joint pilot project with the US tire manufacturer Goodyear. The goal is to better map the tire supply chain using the blockchain.

The press release gives few concrete facts. The blockchain, it reads, is “a cybersecurity technology that is based on a distributed account book and increases security, traceability and immutability. It uses secure, encrypted platforms to share shared ledgers between supply chain participants and securely record transactions and data. ”


Largest tire manufacturer

Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the world and produces more than half a million tires a day in more than 80 production facilities around the world. The company is likely to be the world’s largest consumer of natural rubber, which is largely grown in the South Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, but also in African countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Liberia. As with many commodities, mining often takes place under problematic conditions, and Goodyear’s dominance places special emphasis on the company’s commodity policy.