5. “Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen” (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) | A book that promotes new ways of thinking

Our monetary system is at an end. These are the words with which Dr. h.c. Seiz could have begun begin his book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies). But the introduction would be too short and too simple and would not take all of the problems and lines of thought into full account. Therefore, the author and founder, as well as CEO of Karatbars International GmbH starts with an account of the political situation in the world. The danger of crises and wars, the instability of the banking system and the loss of confidence in the financial economy and geopolitical decisions are his initial starting points. Dr. h.c. Seiz then sums up the explosive topic of debt currencies and explains the term as well as the history of debt. Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) is an interesting book by an author, who himself is one of the market leaders in the financial market and concentrates on products with physical value stability, presenting various perspectives and solutions. When Dr. h.c. Seiz writes in Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) of fiat money and the ever-growing mountains of debt, his accounts are backed by experience and core competence gained from the financial market, which he has known and observed for many years. With the abolition of the gold standard, as well as banking crises and inflations lining the history books, confidence in the financial market and, most particularly, in debt currencies has declined greatly.

The issue of trust when it comes to monetary values as mere promises

A debt currency is a currency whose value is based solely on promises made by state governments. For this reason, in Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) Dr. h.c. Seiz discusses the fact that conventional money currency can never be stable and a safe haven. The author writes extensively and profoundly in Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) about the risks of debt money in payment transactions, infrastructure and the economy. Once again, he picks up on the core issue of trust and goes on from there to present solutions in a confidence-building financial system. The past has shown that fiat currencies are fundamentally outdated and will be replaced by new money within just a few decades. Gold, on the other hand, has always been stable in value and a globally valid means of payment and exchange. In his book, the author motivates the reader to become more familiar with the physical value and to recognize the added value in a means of payment that is backed by a true countervalue. Dr. h.c. Seiz says that since it is difficult to pay with a gold bar, the precious metal needs a framework and a denomination that allows it to be paid for and exchanged for goods. The idea of Cashgold was born and implemented by Karatbars International GmbH.

Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) – Focus on a sustainable means of payment

Before Dr. h.c. Seiz talks about the revolutionary 24 carat fine gold currency, he tells the story of gold and writes about the gold price and its stability far from any external influences. The book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies) takes up the risks of debt currencies, creates a transition to a safe haven and shows that not only major investors benefit from tangible assets. Cashgold, the product of Karatbars International GmbH, is a banknote that contains a small gold bar depicting its real value. The note, which is visually reminiscent of a conventional currency of today’s financial market, is therefore stable in value and is not based on a printed number, but on the physical value directly contained in it. The reader is taken on a journey in the book Cashgold vs. Schuldwährungen (Cashgold vs. Debt Currencies), in which politics, banking crises and the crash of earlier monetary systems, as well as the risks of current currencies occupy an important position. Finally, the author presents Cashgold as a future-oriented and secure means of payment and provides the reader with a solution with which they can avoid the risks of the financial industry and live the future today.