1.1 million Bitcoins – self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto provides questionable “proof”

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Cryptospace is crazy, yes. But the past few days have been particularly eventful. First, Bitcoin SV overtook Litecoin, only to flip Bitcoin Cash in an almost unimaginable bull run (or pump?). At the same time, an Altcoin Season started, in which IOTA, Ethereum, Dash and Co. were able to grow by double-digit percentages. Now there is a new fuss about the self-proclaimed ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ aka. Craig Wright.

Allegedly, Dr. Wright is said to have received the necessary documents with which he can now prove that he owns 1,000,000 Bitcoin in the current equivalent of an incredible 9.5 billion dollars. What is behind the Satoshi Nakamoto story, and does Craig Wright really have that much BTC?


Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright and the 1.1 million Bitcoin

The basis of our article is a document that was submitted to the US. District Court of South Florida on January 14th. For your own research you will find the document as a source at the end of the article.

In the past the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto already surprised with some statements about his assets. Reasonable doubts existed (and still exist) whether Craig Wright is really in possession of the 1,100,000 Bitcoin. Several times there was talk of a Tulip Trust in which the frequently quoted Bitcoin was blocked. Wright repeatedly left open whether he could get access to this trust at all and thus ultimately to the gigantic BTC quantity.

According to his own statements, he should have been given access to the Trust by an ominous courier by January 1. But since this did not happen, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ had to file an extension in court. However, no reasons were given for the delay of the unknown intermediary.

However, the court files now published are intended to prove that Dr. Wright would have access to the “Bitcoin treasure” in the amount of almost 9.5 billion US dollars. According to the records:

“Dr. Wright informs the court that a third party has given him the necessary access or missing keys to decrypt the previously encrypted file. Dr. Wright also provided the plaintiffs with a list of all his Bitcoin holdings, as requested by the court.”


Who is the ominous courier behind Craig Wright?

The direct answer from Ira Kleinman was not long in coming. She confirmed that the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto had handed over a list of 16,404 addresses, but no information about the ominous courier was given.

In general, Craig Wright obviously has a hard time with transparency. It is not the first time that big statements are made and the court case is dragged out with a skilful deception tactic. For example, in an equally recent document dated January 14, Ira Kleinman sued Craig Wright for repeatedly making false claims in order to prevent the “truth from coming to light. So where do we go from here?

As the court document now shows, ‘Satoshi’ has 10 days to answer 7 questions about the ominous courier and “key transporter”. During this time, the plaintiffs will analyze the 16,404 Bitcoin addresses with the help of experts. By March, they should be ready to “expose Craig Wright completely.”


Is the current process a reason to laugh or to cry?

At the centre of the entire dispute is the 1.1 million Bitcoin Tulip Trust. Allegations of manipulated documents, e-mails and other correspondence have been made time and again. Illusions, delay and the power of manipulation are obviously the tools of the trade – things the real Satoshi Nakamoto would certainly have abhorred.

In the end, there is nothing left for us to do but wait until the process is over and a final verdict is reached. However, we doubt that information about received keys, which nobody has seen until now, and a list of BTC addresses, which anyone can compile, is really sufficient. It proves nothing and only postpones the decision further. The next days will probably show it, because we hope that all the speculations will soon be put to an end. By then at the latest, everyone should have realised that not all that glitters is gold. In line with this story, another dubious Bitcoin SV Pump has started, which at least this morning sold out a bit.